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Last Updated on 25 February 2019

Best Broadband & Mobile Packages (2018)

Those looking for a new broadband provider are often after more than just internet services. Many providers bundle entertainment and home phone lines with their NBN, cable, and ADSL2+ plans.

Mobile bundles aren’t as popular, but they’re arguably more useful. It’s no secret that the home phone is phasing out, so it helps to have a broadband plan that allows you to bundle a mobile option.

That’s why we created a list of the best broadband and mobile package options we could find. Take a look at what we’ve compiled and use our comparison tool below to find the best selection in your location.

Key Points
  • The NBN rollout is over halfway done, with completion expected by June 2021.
  • The NBN uses a mix of existing technology, like copper lines, and new technology, like fibre optic cables, to deliver high speed fixed-line internet to Australian premises.
  • To access the NBN, you must switch to an NBN plan offered by a phone and internet provider. Plans and pricing are based on speed, data allowance, and your location.

TPG Broadband + Mobile Bundles

TPG is one of the largest broadband providers in the country, and they stay competitive by keeping their bundle options attractive.

TPG has a few different packages for ADSL2+ and fibre to the building customers, but their broadband and mobile bundle comes with their 18-month NBN plans.

There are also some no lock-in plans available from TPG, but these don’t include any mobile packages.

An 18-month contract from TPG gives you access to three months of any of their mobile plans for no additional cost. You will select the plan you want when you decide on the NBN plan for you.


TPG Mobile Inclusions

These bundles from TPG include home phone options as well. Some of them have pay as you go standard, and others allow for unlimited local calls with some international calls as well.

You can also add OZ Talk for $10 more a month if the plan doesn’t include a home phone line.

The mobile options for TPG Broadband packages are as follows:


Optus Broadband + Mobile Bundles

Optus is another leading broadband provider that also has a strong presence in the mobile phone space. The Optus broadband bundles allow you to save money when you include an Optus mobile plan as well as give you access to the entertainment package options.

Those who can receive NBN plans will automatically receive one from Optus. If not, you will be connected to their cable or ADSL2+ plan. The connection you have will not affect the availability of the mobile phone bundle.

You can choose to bundle one of the following broadband plans with an Optus mobile phone plan to receive the monthly $10 discount:

  • Optus Ultra
  • Optus Ultra Entertainment
  • Optus Ultra Office
  • Optus 200GB Home Wireless

All other broadband plans – including the broadband-only options – are excluded from the savings opportunity. These broadband contracts can be 24 months or month-to-month.

Optus Broadband Plans

Optus Mobile Inclusions

Optus is relatively liberal about which mobile plans you can bundle with broadband to save $10 a month. The only blanket exclusion is prepaid mobile plans, but we didn’t expect to see these included.

In order to receive the $10 discount on eligible Optus broadband plans your mobile phone plan needs to cost you over $35 a month. Anything under $35 a month won’t qualify, but that only rules out a couple Optus mobile plans from contention.

You can either use a phone plan, or a SIM only plan as an addition for your broadband savings. Apart from that, the choice in savings is yours.

This bundle is ideal for those who already have an Optus mobile phone plan are looking for a broadband plan. The deal will also work for those who need both a mobile and broadband plan, and can kill two birds with one stone.

Mate. Broadband + Mobile Bundles

Mate. allows you to bundle your ADSL2+ or NBN broadband plan to receive a low-cost SIM-only mobile plan of only $29/month.

As you can tell, the mobile plans are a bit more restricted with Mate. than they are with providers like Optus. You will only receive 10GB of data along with unlimited talk and text.

Still, $29 per month isn’t a bad deal for a mobile phone plan, especially if you don’t think you’ll exceed the data limit. You can bring your own number, and obtain a no lock-in contract, meaning you can switch your cell phone service at any time

Mate. NBN Plans

Barefoot Broadband + Mobile Bundles

The Barefoot broadband and mobile bundles are very similar to what you’ll receive from Mate. listed above.

The mobile phone bundle is almost identical, costing you $29 a month for unlimited talk & text with 10GB of data when you add it to any new or existing barefoot internet service.

Like Mate. you can bundle the mobile service with any ADSL2+ or NBN plan. Those who are on ADSL2+ will receive a free NBN transition when the connection becomes available.

Below is a breakdown of the NBN and ADSL2+ plans you can include with the mobile bundle.

Barefoot Broadband Plans

Other Broadband and Mobile Providers

While broadband and mobile packages aren’t the most common bundles you’ll find, there are several companies that provide them if you know where to look. Some of the providers we didn’t include in our list of best broadband and mobile package options are:

  • Spintel
  • Teleron
  • Southern Phone

It’s worth looking through all of the options if you’re interested in finding the best broadband and mobile package for you. Sometimes, the smaller companies can provide value where the larger broadband providers have a blind spot.

Are you interested in finding the best broadband plan for your home? Use our comparison tool below to find one that includes the bundle options you need.

Find the most competitive broadband plans in your area now:

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