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  • Industry News
  • 08.11.16
  • 4:00 am

New Service Allows Australians to Compare The Best Broadband & Save Big Money

With talks of internet freeways, big data and the age of information, Australians are well aware of the importance of being connected and having reliable and affordable internet access in their home. What many Aussies may not realise is that their broadband provider might be charging them for internet they may not use and connection types that don’t suit their household internet needs.

In house personal finance experts at note that many families lock themselves into contracts that they may not necessarily understand, and therefore end up with a worse deal.

“Australians who find home internet costs are blowing up their household budget can benefit from comparing and securing an affordable deal with another internet service provider. This often overlooked trick can help consumers to save significantly on monthly spend get more out of their home internet package”, explains Jonathan Leane, founder of “What’s great as well is we have a panel of broadband specialists who can help you navigate the broadband lingo and find out if you’re eligible for things like the NBN.”

Compare providers quotes from multiple providers & start saving today

So how does it work? At, our team broadband specialists will chat to you about your household connection needs and find personalised broadband packages that work for you and your family. What’s better is they have access to all network coverage information, meaning you’ll find out which connection types you qualify for, and whether the NBN is available in your area.

Experts estimate that consumers can make big savings by moving to a different provider, and thousands of Australians are already taking advantage of the opportunity.

What would you like to do today?

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